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Basic Baby Shower Etiquette that You Should Know

The impending birth of a baby is a blessing that expecting parents are happy about.
As such, one of the things they involve themselves in is the preparation for the birth of the baby. And what better way to welcome this momentous event than having a baby shower prepared for the proud parents to be? A baby shower is a celebration for the coming of a baby. It is usually held a few months before the baby is due. In most cases, it involves both expecting parents but the expecting mother is more involved than the expecting father.

In spite of the fact that it is the expecting mother who is more involved in baby showers, basic baby shower etiquette dictates that expecting mother should not host their own baby showers. One of the reasons for this is that events like this are very tiring and it may strain the expecting mother. Typically, baby showers are hosted by colleagues, close friends or family members.

Another rule dictated by baby shower etiquette is the close coordination of the party planner with the expecting mother with regards to the baby shower games, baby shower time and baby shower favors. This would enable the expecting mother to put in her thoughts and ideas for the baby shower without unnecessarily tiring herself. This would also give her more enjoyment as the whole planning process is very exciting.

Nowadays, it is also acceptable to let your guests know what the baby will need so that they can decide which present to bring. Before, this would have been considered to be very rude. But times have changed and practicality is now the trend. So do not hesitate about this matter anymore. It is perfectly reasonable and it is also practiced widely.

As a rule, party planners should see to it that the baby shower would be enjoyed by the guests. This is an important initiative to acknowledge the efforts exerted by the guests for the baby shower. Make sure to serve them sumptuous dishes in addition to the fun games they can play.

Lastly, expecting parents should be able to thank their guests through thank you notes or personal messages. This is the last baby shower etiquette but it is as significant as all the others. Many parents provide souvenirs or giveaways to guests to show their appreciation.
Follow all of these basic guidelines to ensure that you are going about the right way in planning an enjoyable baby shower.