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Baby shower games

When throwing a baby shower, make sure that it would be fun and entertaining for everybody. The baby shower, just like any other party, should never let anyone feel left out.
There are many important elements in throwing a fun baby shower, such as the food, the decorations, and the baby shower gift that each guest would likely bring. But a party wouldn’t really be quite as fun without the baby shower games!

Baby showers wouldn’t be half as fun without the games. These are great ways to make people feel welcome and to entertain them. They’re great fillers when you’re waiting for more guests to come or after dinner.
You have to think about your guests when you’re brainstorming on the games. The best games are always those that promote people to work together. This way, the guests will get to know each other better while having fun, which will in turn provide for a warm atmosphere for the party. You also have to think about the prizes because these are the key motivators for the people to join the game. Now, here are five great baby shower games that you can try.
One great game is the Baby Memory Game. What you need to do is to have a big tray and fill it with about fifteen baby things such as rattles, pacifiers, bibs, diapers, et ‘cetera. You need to have a blanket over the tray and then put it in the center of the party room or somewhere where all the guests can have a good look at it. Remove the blanket from the tray for about twelve seconds and then cover it up again.each guest should have a piece of paper and a pen and they should write down all the items that they could remember were in the tray.
If your guests have already been acquainted with each other before the party, you can try the “You Did What? Game”. Upon the arrival of the guests make them list down 4 little known facts about themselves without their names. Collect these in a container. When all or most of the guests have arrived, read what each paper says and make them guess who it is.
The Nursery Rhyme Fill In can be done by getting ready with some nursery rhymes and removing some of the words out. These nursery rhymes are sung out to the guests and they have to race to figure out the missing words.
Another fun game would be the Three Truths and a Lie. Each guest, upon arrival, should write down four descriptions of his or herself.3 of these would be true, and 1 would be a lie. After many guests have arrived, you read out the descriptions and make the guests figure out which one is the lie.
One game that can be really fun, even for the spectators would be the Mystery Taste Game. You have to be ready with a variety of baby food beforehand. Cover up the names of these and put your own label such as numbers or letters so that only you would know what they contain. Let the guests try each and find out the flavors.

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